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Hi, I’m Blue!

People who want my help are often facing a life they didn’t envision. 
Whether that’s you, or someone you care about, thanks for coming here to learn more.
In order to use me, you need to be invited by one of our community partners. You can read about why we work this way below.  
Even if we can’t help you now, you can express your interest in the form at the bottom of the page!

Have you already been invited to use Blue?

Let us make one point up front: if there are non-profits or charities that are tailored to your condition or geography, you should start with them. Blue can help you build a community, but we depend on the tireless efforts of these focused groups to ensure a great, safe experience.

For anyone wanting to understand a bit more about we we impose this restriction, we break it down into 3 categories: Security, Trust, and Benefits.

We want everyone to have access to Blue. If you think it would help you, please reach out below. We will work with you to find a partner.

Blue is a really unique product – it has similarities to GoFundMe, social networks, volunteer programs and messaging services. As a result, we need to guard against a wide variety of risks – fraudulent fundraisers and identity theft are things we intend to keep off our platform. By going through a partner organization that knows families like yours personally, we limit the risk that users with dishonest intent get access to Blue’s most powerful features.

Often run by professionals, survivors or bereaved family members, our partners understand your needs, often long before you do, and in a way that we never will. Rather than put thousands of families like yours through the whole process of evaluating Blue, we think it’s better to build the trust with these organizations. If they see the value in Blue, they will pass it on to you.

Blue benefits families like yours, but it also benefits non-profits and charities. Your friends and family will do the work that they don’t have capacity for, and Blue’s ability to quantify their impact can help them raise money and secure corporate sponsorships.

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