Blue for Employers (2)

Hi, I’m Blue!

Are your employees caring for anyone?
If they’re not now, odds are they will be someday.
I’m here to help you build a culture of care at work, so you and your team can rally the community. Interested?
Keep reading for an explanation of how Blue will help you boost morale and retain valuable employees.

How Blue helps employers support caregivers:


Employers are often unaware of the caregiving responsibilities that are affecting their workers.


It’s not their fault. 

Even close friends don’t always see the full picture.


Privately caregivers are overwhelmed.

The average caregiver spends over 20 hours week on their loved one.


If they can’t strike a balance, caregivers are regularly forced to leave their jobs.
Replacing an employee costs 33% of their salary, and crushes morale.


We need community support. 

Blue activates an empathetic group of the caregiver’s colleagues, friends and family.


Caregivers remain in touch with and supported by their team.

Employers save turnover cost, normalize caregiving, and improve their culture.

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