Blue for Healthcare Workers

Hi, I’m Blue!

We need to rally around healthcare workers right now, and I’m here to make that easy… but I need your help.
I need you to find healthcare workers so we can build a team of their trusted friends and families around them.
Ready to help? Click “Get Started”. 
Keep reading for an explanation of how we can support healthcare workers together – and check our FAQ page for more!

How Blue helps those on the front lines of COVID-19:


Around the world, people are showing their love for healthcare workers. 


With good reason! 

They are meeting the crisis head on.

Nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, paramedics, firefighters and more are all on the front line, and facing unbelievable stress.


They also have the same realities we do at home.

With everything happening, it’s extremely hard for them to ask for help. 

They need rest.


So we released a free, basic version of Blue.
Right now, healthcare workers are helping all of us. Let’s take care of them.

Start by helping us find them.


A healthcare worker just needs to share their code with neighbours, friends and family to build a community of support.


Once the team is built, it’s all very simple. 

Just volunteer when you can. 
If you need more information, just talk to them directly. Blue will handle all the awkward, time consuming stuff. 
Remember to stay safe and keep your distance!

Build a Support Team for Someone You Know

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